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Leyendo una entrada en el blog de una amiga (Memories of a Milk Carton), se me ocurrió responderle esto. Está en inglés, porque su blog está en inglés:

Hey Dea,

You wrap it up in the last statement you make on this particular entry: "Whoever said humans are intelligent beings". We are intelligent, indeed. But rational intelligent beings, all worried about our needs, Maslow and self-growth. And, sadly, throughout the 20th Century we proved that self-growth lies at the end of gunpoint -and missilepoint, considering nuclear warfare threats.

We are facing the advent of our own Apocalypse: no 4 Angels, no natural disaster (even though we might get flooded beyond breathing possibilities), no God throwing lightning in order to destroy an ever-rising race. Not any of those: We are customing our own destruction out of sheer emotions, passions and an underlying sense of martyrdom. Proxy wars (on which you should write about, if war concerns you), territorial devastation and the utter disrespect for your fellow human you show on an everyday walk through the streets are our weapons of choice.

We don't need any external agents, since we are doing our work in an extremely efficient fashion. The excuses for this obliteration work, we crafted them a long time ago, ever since we emerged from caves and started beating the shit out of each other with bone clubs for the right of eating the dead calf. The thing is that, since we are so intelligent, we've achieved enough to craft the semi-perfect mass-killing machines that could wipe us out in a single bang. It's all about efficiency, babe. Efficiency in doing what we've been doing for the past 5 thousand years or so.

Placing trust in a cannibalistic race isn't the best trustfund for your faith. But we can't do much else, can we? Meanwhile, we tell ourselves that we are intelligent, that we can overcome this if the stars align in a likely way. Well, the Universe takes too long to move in an orderly fashion, and we haven't got that long. I bet efficiency will prevail sooner than later. I betcha.


Estén pendientes del blog de Dea, que está de verdad muy bueno.


Yimmi dijo…
Sería bueno si lo pones en español, para tus compatriotas que no son gringos ni nada por el estilo... no???

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